Tool making

Sheet metal forming, punching, stamping tool manufacturing


Fixture and checking gauge

Jig, fixture and template making for fixing and control



Making of custom assembly and measuring stations


Part supply

Standard and custom designed part supply


Quality control

Provide human power for sorting and rework actions



Production of sheet metal forming tools such as stamping, cutting, deep drawing, bending tools.

Measuring fixture, clamping device and checking gauge design and manufacturing

For quick inprocess quality checks and for CMM measurements, or for welding and assembly processmade of custom or modular components.

Custom automated machine design and build

Process development and atumoation, measuring and end of line tester design and data aquisition system build.

Procurement of mass products for industrial consumption

Purchasing of standard parts, such as bolts, washers, gaskets, etc and custom designed parts, like custom sheet metal and
machined component.

Production Support

Organizing of rework and sorting activities for mass-production partners, providing the required resources

Sorting out of non-conforming parts from mass-production, quality check of components based on the customer’s
instructions. Manage reworks (example: deburring, drilling, cleaing, etc.). Creating of work instructions according to
standards. In case of supplier fault, direct contact and communication with the supplier. Providing continously presence
by residential technician.